Writer – Joey Edwards

Joey works in the Marketing Department of The Corral along with being an aspiring author.

Joey is The Corral’s go to person for a story that needs to penned in a hurry. He has the imagination and skills to give you a great tale in an afternoon.

The sample issue of The Corral was to give the writers and readers a glimpse of how the magazine would look and feel.

At the last minute The Corral decided the Visual Writing Prompt Contest needed to go in the sample issue. They also wanted a winner of a previous visual writing prompt contest.

The problem, The Corral had yet to be published so there was no previous contest. Since the winner of the contest along with the contest went hand and hand Joey was giving the picture seen in the publication. Joey had the tale completed within an hour.

Joey is from Atlanta, Georgia and with a business degree. He is a ten year veteran of the armed forces, with four tours of duty. Two in Iran and two in Afghanistan.

After his service Joey along with his wife and two kids relocated from Clarksville, Tennessee where he was stationed to Nashville.

Joey has no website and/or Social Media pages that pertain to her writing. To read more about Joey visit his ThunderHorse Publishing’s profile.

Joey Edwards’ Story Contributions to The Corral