The Corral Staff

Below you will see the small team behind the scenes of The Corral. They are talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. The best part about this group, they love what they do, and do it with passion.

Along with their names you will see their position with The Corral. Their duties with The Corral are in italics along with what they have contributed to the magazine. Their names are linked to their profiles which are on Joseph E Clay Dot Com, the parent company of ThunderHorse Publishing and The Corral.

General Contact Email:

Kay Douglass – Managing Editor

Oversees the daily operations of the CorralBlogger – Panelist


Christy Warren – Journalist

Staff Writer – Panelist

Writes the Feature – Book Reviews by Christy for The Corral


Joan Clay – Director of Contest

PanelistBook ReviewerStaff Writer.

Stories published in The Corral – Promise Fulfilled – Issue: 1 – Edition: Halloween 2019


Joseph Clay

Staff Writer – Blogger – Interviewer -Panelist

Stories published in The CorralTo Rest in Peace One Must Die in Peace – Issue: Sample


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