Publisher/Submitter Agreement

Document Control Number: 2003-0 – Published 2-9-2020 – Revision: Original

This is an agreement between the Submitter (an author/writer, photographer, musician and/or artist/illustrator and/or any other individual who makes a submission or enters a contest) and the Publisher (The Corral).

The Corral is a division of ThunderHorse Publishing and is owned by Joseph E Clay Dot Com.

All the stipulations laid out in this documents pertains to all Work(s) submitted to the Publisher. This includes but not limited to:

  • Contest Entries
  • Literary Pieces.
  • Photographs.
  • Artwork.
  • Illustrations.
  • Music.

Making a submission constitutes an electronic signature and signifies that the Submitter agrees to the following:

  • That the Submitter has read, understands and agrees to the stipulations laid out in this document titled “Publisher/Submitter Agreement”.
  • That the Submitter has read, understands and agrees to the stipulations outlined in the documentSubmission Guidelines” also found within this website.
  • That the contest Submitter has read, understands and agrees to the stipulations of the document Contest Document located within this website.
  • The Submitter agrees and understands that only electronic files of the “Publisher/Submitter Agreement” and/or the “Submission Guidelines Document” and/or the “Contest Document” are available.
  • At this time submissions are accepted via email only.
  • The Corral is not responsible for any misrepresentation made by a Submitter that is published by the Corral.


The Corral will not tolerate any form of Plagiarism. A plagiarism claim made by an individual concerning a Work(s) will result in the Work(s) in question being pulled from the publication. Once the rightful ownership can be proven The Corral will furnish all information to that owner.

The Works:

By entering a contest and/or submitting Work(s) for publication consideration the Submitter agrees to the following:

  • The Corral has the permission to publish the Work(s) in The Corral an online magazine (Limited print in certain areas).
  • The Submitter of the Work(s) must own the Work(s). Once again The Corral will not tolerate any form of plagiarism.
  • The Work(s) must be submitted to the Publisher via email of the Submitter or an agent representing the Submitter.
  • The Work(s) must be unpublished digitally and/or in print and not appear on any website and/or blog, other the one owned by the Submitter.

Publishing Rights

  • The ownership of the Work(s) submitted remains with the Submitter.
  • Agreeing to have the Work(s) published gives The Corral the Publishing Rights.
  • The Publishing Rights to all published Work(s) will be retained by The Corral for no less than one (1) year.
  • During that year the Submitter of the Work(s) agrees not to submit and/or publish the Work(s) to/or:
    • Another magazine, online and/or print.
    • Published in a book, eBook and/or print.
    • Appear on a blog, website and/or on social media unless those outlets are owned by the Submitter.
    • Published on/or in any other type of electronic and/or print media that was not covered above.
  • Publishing Rights revert back to the submitter:
    • After one (1) year from being published. At that time the Submitter can request their Works be removed from any back issues of the magazine. The Submitter can do this by using the Contact Us form or email us at
    • Once a rejection letter is received from The Corral.
    • At the request of the Submitter. The Submitter has until the Acceptance Letter has been received and returned to withdraw their Work(s). To withdraw the Work(s) the Submitter must contact the Publisher via email using the following methods; the Contact Us form or email us at

Multiple/Simultaneous Submissions

The Corral does not accept multiple and/or simultaneous submissions. Multiple and/or simultaneous submissions will be rejected. Only submit Work(s) for one of the independent fields. Those fields are:

  • Author/Writer
  • Photographer
  • Musician
  • Artist/Illustrator

The Submitter can submit another Work(s) after the previous submission has been accepted or rejected by The Corral.

Acceptance/Rejection Letter

Response Time

The Corral along with ThunderHorse Publishing has a dedicated team that reads each submission received. The average Response Time is two (2) weeks from the time the Submitter is notified their Work(s) were received and an Acceptance/Rejection Letter is generated and emailed.

However the Response Time for an Acceptance/Rejection Letter to be sent is dictated by the volume of submissions at that time. During heavy submissions the response time could take four (4) to six (6) weeks for the Publisher to notify the Submitter of their decision.

Acceptance Letter

Once the Publisher makes a favorable decision on the Work(s) of the Submitter an Electronic Acceptance Package with the following will be emailed to the Submitter.

  • Acceptance Letter.
  • The necessary documents, “Publisher/Submitter Agreement” and/or “Submission Guidelines” and/or Contest Document.
  • The compensation amount, (US Currency) if any, the Publisher is willing to pay the Submitter for the work.
  • Instructions on how to proceeded.

Rejection Letter

Once the Publisher reaches an unfavorable decision on the Work(s) of the Submitter a Rejection Letter will be emailed to the Submitter.

The Rejection Letter is an informal letter that advises the Submitter on why the work was rejected. There will be times the Publisher will give a detailed explanation of the reason for rejection. The Publisher may offer advice and/or services to help the Submitter achieve their goal.

Fees and Compensation

The Corral is free to the readers whether they read the magazine on our hosting website Issuu or pick up one of the limited printed editions.

The reason The Corral is Free?

Free is the best way to get more coverage for the independents featured in the magazine.

Fees Paid by the Submitter to the Publisher

  • Submission Fee: $1.99 (US Currency).
  • Administrative Fee: $3.99 (US Currency).
  • Total Fee $5.98 (US Currency).

NOTICE: The above Submission and Administration Fees are being waved till December 31, 2021. Until that date it is Free to submit to The Corral.

Compensation from the Publisher to the Submitter

Non-Monetary Compensation

Free Exposure to The Corral readers and website visitors, which includes the following:

  • Submission published in The Corral.
  • The name of the Submitter will be listed on this website, The Corral under the Magazine Contributors tab.
  • The name of the Submitter will be linked to a dedicated page on this website, The Corral.
  • The dedicated page will include a short Bio, links to the website or social media page of the Submitter. The dedicated page will also include a link to the Work(s) in the magazine. This link will also be furnished to the Submitter.
  • The Submitter will receive a printed edition of The Corral that their Work(s) appear in. More copies can be purchased at a discounted rate for family and friends.

Monetary Compensation

The Monetary Compensation is below industry standard. This is due to the The Corral not charging for the publication whether online or print along with not charging a submission and/or an administrative fee.

The Corral counters this with giving the the Submitter who is published the free publicity that is listed above under Non-Monetary Compensation. The Monetary Compensation offered will be included in the Electronic Acceptance Package. The maximum paid for each category is listed below.

  • Literary Pieces
    • Poetry/Song Lyrics – $15.00 (US Currency).
    • Flash Fiction – $20.00 (US Currency).
    • Short Story – $25.00 (US Currency).
  • Photographs: $5.00 per photo (US Currency).
  • Artwork/Illustrations: $10.00 (US Currency).

Payment will be made prior to publication via PayPal or Certified Bank Check.


The Corral offers many features for the independent. The Corral does not charge and/or pay for the independent to appear in one of these features listed below.

  • “Review’s by Christy”.
  • “Books from the Barn”.
  • “Songs from the Silos”.
  • “The Corral Spotlight”.
  • “The Corral Q and A”.

See the Magazine Features page for an in depth description of each feature.

Notice to Authors

The Corral does not edit contest entries and/or submissions before publishing. The story will be printed as submitted.

Notice to Photographers/Artist/Illustrators

All models featured in Lingerie, Boudoir and Swimsuit along with Glamor shots must be of 18 years are older.

The Corral has the right to obtain from the photographer proof of the models age.

The Corral may also require verification that the model and/or their agency and/or their guardian has agreed that the photograph they appear in or their likeness for artwork and illustrations can be published electronically and/or print.

Got questions? Please ask them before submitting any work. Better to fully understand the process than have the submission kicked backed or trashed due to a detail that was overlooked.

Use the contact form and drop us line. One of our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to answer your questions or discuss your concerns.

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