Submission Guidelines

The Corral relies on independent authors to fill the pages of the online magazine. We publish a minimum per issue of:

  • Poetry (3 per issue).
  • Flash Fiction (2 per issue, 1 from submissions 1 form contest).
  • Short Stories (2 per issue).

The best from each category will be featured on the cover of the magazine.

The Corral will feature a short bio of all authors whose submissions are accepted for publication in the Contributor Section. The feature will include links to the authors website and social media accounts.

What The Corral Accepts:

We accept fiction in the following writing classifications in all genres included Erotica.

  • Poetry – Line Count: 40-200.
  • Flash Fiction – Word Count: 53 – 1000.
  • Short Story – † Max 3,500.


  • †Poetry: $16.00
  • Flash Fiction: $20.00
  • Short Story: $30.00
  • Payment will be made prior to publication via PayPal or Certified Bank Check.

What The Corral Does Not Accept:

The Corral’s purpose is to showcase the talents of independent writers. We insist that the stories not only be well written, exciting to read but also be in good taste. The shock effect is OK with us but to be much graphic violence or sex will get you a rejection letter.

  • No cruelty toward children or animals.
  • No sexual acts with children and/or animals.
  • No Porn, we except erotica, but not porn. Not sure of the difference go ahead and submit it will let you know.
  • No plagiarism. We take this seriously. All submissions must be the original work by the person submitting the work. †

Multiple/Simultaneous Submissions

The Corral does not accept multiple or simultaneous submissions. Only submit one piece of writing in a classification listed above. The author can submit another writing after the previous submission has been accepted or rejected by The Corral.

Response Time

The Corral has a dedicated department that reads each submission we receive. Due to the volume of submissions, our response time can be anywhere from one to two months for the literature we are in Immediate Need of. Two to four months for general submissions. The contest entries will receive a more rapid response.

††Writing/Format Guidelines:

  • ††Format: Word (either .doc or .docx).
  • Font: Courier or Times New Roman.
  • Font Size: 12 points.
  • Font Color: Black

Administrative Fee:

  • $4.99 (Administrative Fee waved through 2019).

How to Make a Submission:

  • Submissions are accepted via email only. Submit to
  • The submission must be an attachment to the email and not written in the body of the email.
  • Subject Line: General or Immediate Need Submission – Classification of Writing. (Ex. General Submission – Poetry)
  • Body of email: Name, email and mailing address, link to the writers website or social media page. Short bio or a link to a bio.


By submitting a story in any form for consideration the author agrees to the following:

  • The Corral has the permission to post that submission in The Corral, a ThunderHorse Publishing Online Magazine/Website/Blog.
  • All submissions must be the authors own original work and be submitted by the author. The Corral will not tolerate any form of plagiarism.
  • The story must be unpublished and not appear on any website and/or blog or in print from.
  • The rights to the all submissions will be retained by The Corral.
  • Once a rejection letter is received from The Corral all rights revert back to the author.
  • During the time between reviewing and the rejection being received, the writer must notify The Corral via email at immediately and withdraw the submission if the following occurs.
    • The author wishes to withdraw the submission.
    • The author has submitted the story to multiple outlets and the work is accepted.
  • The rights to the winning submission will be retained by The Corral for no less than one year. After that time the writer can request their writing be removed from any back issue of the magazine and website.

Please review the *sample contract before submitting. Have questions? Use the Contact Form found in the header to ask any questions and/or voice concerns. Please review the *sample contract.

* At this time the contract is being drawn up by a legal team. The contract will only need to be completed by the author for the submissions that are accepted for publication. The Corral has been told the contract will be completed in the near future and will not hinder or prohibit the release of the first issue.

Thank you in advance for your submissions,

The Corral Staff

The Corral

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