Submissions – Photographers

What The Corral is Looking For:

  • Photographs featuring the four seasons as the main focus, (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall). We are a quarterly magazine with an edition being published in each of those quarters.
  • Photographs featuring Holidays as the main subject matter. New Years, Valentines and Fourth of July. Along with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Photographs featuring Nature, Wildlife and Domestic Animals.
  • Lingerie, Boudoir and Swimsuit photographs along with Glamor shots are welcome, as long as the following criteria is meet.

Photograph Content Rules

  • Submissions open to the novice – amateur and semi-professional photographers.
  • All photographs must be in good taste.
  • There is a 10 photograph limit per submission.
  • No photo can show any uncovered genitalia, male or female. This includes the female nipple.
  • All models featured in Lingerie, Boudoir and Swimsuit along with Glamor shots must be of 18 years are older.
  • The Corral has the right to obtain from the photographer proof of the models age. The Corral may also require verification that model has agreed that the photograph can be published.
  • No photo can depict violence towards humans or animals.
  • No Pornographic material will be accepted.

Photograph Guidelines:

  • Photo quality for publication must be High Resolution. Remember Mb is good – Gb is bad for an online magazine.
  • Each photograph must have a title along with information on the camera used, shutter speed etc. Location the photo was taken if applicable. Zoo, Harley Ride, Six Flags etc.
  • Photographs can be either Color or Black and White.

Photographer Spotlight (Example)

  • All photographers are eligible to be featured in a Photographer Spotlight if the following criteria is meet:
    • 6-10 photos are submitted and 4 to 6 or chosen to appear in a single issue of The Corral.
  • The feature will include the 4-6 photographs and a short article about the photographer. The article will include a link to a social media network or website. The photographer Bio will cover professional career and personal life.
  • The Photographer will be notified by email if they are chosen for the Photographer Spotlight.


Entry: $0.00


  • Free Exposure to The Corral readers.
    • The Contributors Section of The Corral website will feature a short bio with picture of all photographers whose submissions are accepted. The feature will include links to the photographers website, social media accounts and the published pictures within The Corral.
  • Monetary Compensation: Negotiable. (The Corral will contact the Photographer via email to discuss compensation before publishing.)


By submitting photographs the photographer agrees to the following:

  • All photographs submitted are the property of and taken by the photographer who submits the photographs.
  • The Corral has the permission to publish the submission in The Corral online magazine, a division of ThunderHorse Publishing.
  • The photographer agrees all models in the photograph are over the age of 18 and have agreed their photograph can be used and published.
  • The publishing rights to all submissions will be retained by The Corral.
  • Once a rejection letter is received from The Corral all publishing rights revert back to the photographer.
  • During the time between judging and the rejection being received the photographer must notify The Corral via email at immediately and withdraw the submission if the following occurs:
    • The photographer wishes to withdraw the submission.
    • The photographer has submitted the photographs to multiple outlets and the work is accepted.
  • The publishing rights to the winning submissions will be retained by The Corral for no less than one year. After that time the photographer can request their photos be removed from any back issue of the magazine.

By clicking the submit button below the photographer is confirming they have read and agree with the above content contained within the Submissions – Photographers page.

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