Make A Submission

Before a submission is made to the The Corral recommend taking ten (10) minutes to read the following Documents. Doing so will decrease your chances of being rejected due to a simple infraction of the rules and/or guidelines.

Before making a submission to The Corral we also suggest you ask any questions and/or voice any concerns before doing so. Use the contact form and drop us line. One of our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to answer your questions and/or discuss your concerns.

At this time all submissions are accepted via email only.

Submission Steps

  1. Make sure the submission meets the guidelines in the “Submission Guidelines” Document before moving on to the next step.
  2. Email to: Using your email provider email all submissions, Literary, Photographs, Artwork and/or Illustrations along with Cover art to
  3. *Attach the Work(s) to be submitted to the email. For photographs and/or for those who don’t want to send an attachment see Alternate Submission Tips for Large Files below.
  4. Subject Line: Submission – Type of Independent (Author/Writer, Photographer, Musician or Artist/Illustrator). (Example subject line: Submission – Illustrator)
  5. **Body of email: All Information is required. A short description of the work(s) within the attachment. The name, email and mailing address of the submitter. A social media page and/or website links, if applicable of the Submitter will also need to be included. A short bio or a link to a bio will need to furnished. Within the body the following statement must be included. “I (insert name of Submitter) have read, understand and agree to the information found within the following documents. “Submission Guidelines” and the “Publisher/Submitter Agreement“.


*III Attach the Work(s). The submission must be an attachment to the email and not written in the body of the email. The Submission will be rejected if the submission is not sent as an attachment.

**V “Body of Email”. The body of the email must contain all the information listed. Don’t have have a website or social page you want link to, tell us so. Omitting of any information required will get the submission rejected.

Alternate Submission Tips for Large Files:

These tips are for those who submit several High Resolution photo’s or large files. However authors/writers can also use this alternative way of submitting.

  • Dropbox or other cloud service.
    • Place all the documents in a folder and obtain a shareable link to that folder.
    • Place the link in the body of the email. Make the link the first item in the body of the email and on a line by itself. Don’t forget to include all the other required information in the body of the email.
    • The Corral will review the documents from the link.
  • We Transfer which is a free service. We prefer that the submissions accepted for publication be transferred to The Corral using this service.
    • Notify The Corral in the body of email this how the work(s) will be received for submission consideration. Don’t forget to include all the other required information in the body of the email.
    • Place the documents in a folder.
    • Visit We Transfer, no account is needed. Attach the folder.
    • Email to the appropriate email address shown above.

The last step is as easy as pie and is a way we trouble shoot and check our email system. After emailing your submission us the contact form below to inform us it is on the way.

That’s it, you are done! All of us at The Corral thank you for making a submission and can’t wait to see what you have for us.