Contest Winner – Eddy Clyburn

Eddy Clyburn was the “The Forbidden Steps” Visual Writing Prompt Contest winner.

Eddy is from Phoenix City Alabama.

Eddy is a certified welder at a local fabrication shop in Phoenix City. The shop has been in their family for several generations.

The way Eddy found the contest was by accident. That accident turned in to Eddy’s first pubic writing and published piece.

It was her husband Billy who ran across the contest while searching online for metal corral fencing. They were needing to make some repairs to the pasture at their home. Billy showed it Eddy. Since Eddy loved to tell ghost stories, many that she made up herself Billy encouraged her to enter.

Eddy states that she has always been a fan of Halloween and ghost stories. Then she added that she had never dreamed of writing one much less entering that story and winning.

Billy enlisted their friends to help him convince Eddy to go for it. Lucky for us she caved in and wrote “The Forbidden Steps.”

Eddy and Billy reside on the outskirts of Phoenix City. They have been married for seven years. Eddy and Billy have a one daughter but have a full house. They also have 3 cats, 4 dogs and 3 horses.

During the summer months Eddy likes going to the nearby lake. Her hobbies include hiking, motorcycle riding and shooting. When there is a NASCAR race at Talladega you will find Eddy there.

Eddy didn’t furnish a link to any social media stating that they were personal sites for her to connect with family and friends.

Eddy Clyburn’s Story Contributions to The Corral