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The Corral was designed to give the Independent Authors/Writers, Photographers and Musicians along with Artists a platform to be seen and heard. We showcase the talents of these independents, no matter their skill level in a variety of ways.

Who We Are

  • The Corral is a division of ThunderHorse Publishing and a part of The Joseph E Clay Dot Com Family.
  • The Corral is an online magazine hosted by Issuu. (Limited print in certain areas)
  • Issue: 1 – Edition: Halloween 2019. Published 10-16-2019
  • The Corral’s parent company is Joseph E Clay Dot Com and is a division of ThunderHorse Publishing.
  • Beginning in 2021 the magazine will be published four times a year, once a quarter. Special Holiday editions published through out the year.
  • The Corral depends on independents to fill the pages of the magazine.

The Conception

Joseph Clay, is a published independent author who began his writing career in 2012. He knows the agony and struggles a new writer encounters as he has been through them. Joseph had a desire to find away to help others avoid some of the same pit falls and mistakes he endured.

Joseph created ThunderHorse Publishing (THP) out of that desire and necessity to serve the needs of the Independent Author. Joseph knew that THP was a great start in helping the new writer.

However Joseph felt that the independent also needed an outlet that would showcase their talents. The Corral was born to fill those needs.

The Corral has put together a small but knowledgeable staff. To meet them click the button below.

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