The Corral online magazine is free for the public to enjoy. The Corral is published four times a year; January, April, July and October.

The first edition is scheduled for publication January 2020.

The Corral will showcase independent writers and authors by showcasing them and their writings.

The Corral will feature Poetry, Flash Fiction and Short Stories. Unlike other online and print magazines which only focus on one genre, The Corral accepts all genres including *Erotica.

The other features include the Quarterly Visual Writing Contest, Author Showcase, Book Reviews and Q & A style interviews with Independent Authors. These Q & A interviews are not limited to authors but will also feature editors, book cover designers and marketing professionals.

The Conception

Joseph Clay, is a published independent author who began his writing career in 2012. He knows the agony and struggles a new writer encounters as he has been through them. Joseph had a desire to find away to help others avoid some of the same pit falls and mistakes he endured.

Joseph created ThunderHorse Publishing out of that desire and necessity to serve the needs of the independent author to ease some of those struggles.

ThunderHorse Publishing helps the new author have a voice by reviewing and showcasing their published works along with interviewing the writer. The blog covers an array of information and writing tips. Once the start up is complete ThunderHorse Publishing will offer services to help the up and coming author achieve their dream of becoming a published author.

Once the ThunderHorse Publishing start up was 80% complete the focused turned to The Corral.

The Corral is a division of ThunderHorse Publishing. The online magazine like ThunderHorse Publishing was designed to give the new independent a voice.

We encourage the emerging author to make a submission and/or enter a contest. The pay, well it is not great but the publicity could be priceless.

Please use the contact form to ask any questions or voice concerns.

Happy reading and writing,

The Corral staff:

Joseph Clay – Managing Editor
Nina Turnipseed – Associate Editor
Steven Michaels – Submissions
Joan Clay – Contest

*The Corral does except Erotica, The Corral does not accept Porn. There is a difference.

The Corral

A Division of