COVID -19 My Have Closed Us, but it Won’t Beat Us

Issue 163 * Blog 42 – 2020 * Read Time: 3 Min * Section: A Word From Kay

G’day mates, Kay Douglass, Managing Editor of The Corral Magazine with some bad and good news.

I’ll start with the bad first.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Corral online magazine closed it’s doors on November 2, 2020.

This decision was made due to the following. The Corral depends on outside vendors for the formatting, graphic design and limited printing of the magazine. Those vendors and our back up vendors or either not in operation, some may not return to business, or running a limited operation.

The companies that are in some type of operation are catering to there larger customers to keep them, which is understandable. Since The Corral is a small magazine…we are not top priority. Once again understandable. The companies that are managing to stay open have raised the prices of their services to all customers. The cost to publish the magazine online increased 22%. The price for the limited printed issue, for limited circulation, increased by 28%.

Since we don’t charge Indies to be featured in the magazine or charge the readers for the magazine, it was decided to shut down for the rest of the year.

Now to the good news.

The shutdown is not permanent, and will only last the remainder of 2020. The Corral will reopen January 1, 2021!

The winter edition of the magazine, will be published between the end of that month and February 5th!

I fell confident this will take place as our parent company is ran by a stubborn individual who after telling me to shutdown stated.

Kay, I know that we haven’t had good luck with the magazine since it’s conception. Like you I believe in it and still think it’s needed. You have put to much work in to the magazine and there is no way in hell I will let a virus close the doors forever. If the magazine fails it will be at our hands not because of a pandemic. So keep you chin up and get ready for next year. The magazine will publish four issues in 2021 if I have to purchase the equipment to do it ourselves.

Joseph Clay – Fonder/CEO Joseph E Clay Dot Com

The shutdown will not relieve me of my Managing Editor duties, so…

During the shutdown, The Corral will still be accepting submissions from writers. Remember authors we accept all genres! The magazine, is also open for submissions from Independent, photographers, and musicians.

Get your submissions in and help us fill the pages of the winter edition!

Besides reading all the submission that I’m sure will be pouring in, I will use the temporary closure to give the website a facelift and streamlining the submission’s process. This next assignment, I’m excited about and really nervous. Are you ready for this…I’ll be helping with some of the announcing and co-hosting duties on Spotlighting the Indie Author podcast. Go on over and the give the show a listen. My first episode was Episode 15 – Book Review Decoding the Rapture.

For continuing updates on The Corral follow us, on Facebook and Twitter! The links to those social media sites or in the sidebar. We need followers on both, but really need Twitter followers so please hit us up there!

Blogger Kay Douglass

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