That Was a Pain in The…

That Was a Pain in The…

Issue 128 * Blog 07 – 2020 * Read Time: 3 Min * Section: A Word From Kay

This is Kay Douglass and I survived the overhaul of The Corral’s website. I didn’t do it alone and would like to thank those who helped me. Nina, who has the task of updating the ThundeHorse Publishings website, stopped to help me. Joey, who was put in charge of ordering merchandise and loading it to JT’S Place also put his work on hold to lend a hand.

I would also like to thank Joseph. Joseph, who was designing the parent companies website Joseph E Clay Dot Com along with reviving JT’s place and redesigning it’s website. Joseph was also revamping his authors blog and website.

I have to say this about Joseph. When he is needed he always makes himself available.

Why did I need so much help? After all I did say in my last blog “Pulling the Plug on Life Support in 2020?“, that the yearly makeover had already started.

Well this was more than a makeover. This was a complete redesign. I can make simple changes to a website, but redesigning one is way over my head. Joseph and Nina are pro’s at it. Joey is like me but with a little more knowledge on the in and outs of webdesign and layout.

The biggest hurdle was making sure that the website reflected our redirection.

The Corral now caters to all independents not only authors. We will be featuring Photographers, Musicians, along with Artist/Illustrators. We will also feature in the online magazine people and companies that can help the independent release the best work possible to the public.

We had to revise every page on the site. Once done we had to make sure the Submissions Documents were correct and the instructions in the Make a Submission were clear and correct.

After that we added the pages and categories that were needed. Then deleted the ones that were no longer in use. When we finished the Main Menu was cramped for space and was unorganized. Joseph took over and with the use of drop down menus organized and streamlined the menus.

I know I’m partial as The Corral is my baby but I must say this. Once the redesign was completed the website looks better, is easier to navigate and is more informative.

The plan was to run 5 Visual Writing Prompt Contests together. These contest would have deadlines set for the last quarter of 2020 of each quarter in 2021. Once we began laying out the dates we decided that we would run 8 Visual Writing Prompt contests with different deadline dates.

This year, 2020 we are running 4 and 4 for 2021. Below are all 8 with the deadline entry dates.

  • “Family Time” – Deadline May 31, 2020.
  • “Have You Met Jack O’Lantern” – Deadline August 31, 2020.
  • “Secret Santa” – Deadline October 31, 2020.
  • “The Fire” – Deadline November 30, 2020.
  • “The Ransom” – Deadline February 28, 2021.
  • “Sun, Sand and Surf” – Deadline May 31, 2021.
  • “Death Express” – Deadline August 31, 2021.
  • “Love is a Gamble” – Deadline November 30, 2021.

Head on over to the Contest Tab and pick a picture that moves you and get to writing. We are in the middle of February and the first contest “Family Time” has a deadline of May 31, 2020. That’s plenty of time to get an entry in.

The contest along with this blog, will post to our social media sites the first of next week. This gives the subscribers and followers of the blog a head start.

Give us a follow on one of the below social media sites.

That will do it for this blog. Till next time remember there is no shame in admitting and/or asking for help.

Blogger: Kay Douglass
The Corral Managing Editor

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