Pulling the Plug on Life Support in 2020?

Pulling the Plug on Life Support in 2020?

Issue 125 * Blog 04 – 2020 * Read Time: 7 Min * Section: A Word From The Managing Editor

Hello folks Kay here. Let me start by saying that I’m hoping to keep the read time of this blog under 7 minutes. Since I have a lot to cover I’m not sure that is possible.

January has been a rough month with ridiculous work hours for me and my staff.

There were times when we celebrated. Then there were others when we screamed at one another. More than once we all throw our hands up in disgust. With our notes falling from the air we walked away.

I have never been so stressed, sleep deprived and exhausted in my life. So yes Joseph, I did fall asleep at my desk on more than one occasion. Yeah, can you believe it. He called me out in his personal blog Say it Ain’t So – Projections for 2020. He also called out Nina in that blog. He can be such a pain at times…but at other times…well you will see.

The above paragraphs my be confusing for the first time readers. To get caught up on the saga and growing pains of The Corral you can read the following blogs:

The just of it… the staff and I are fighting to keep the plug from being pulled on the online magazine.

Joseph stated in The Pulse of The Corral – Report 2 that he would make sure The Corral would be financed for 1 year which is 4 issues, if we agreed to his 7 changes, which are listed below.

  1. Do not under any circumstances issue another incomplete magazine. The readers, authors and potential advertises need see the full scope of the features the magazine offers.
  2. Focus on building a social media following before publishing another issue.
  3. Devise a plan to help finance the magazine, so we can keep it free for the readers.
  4. Figure out why the independent author submissions are almost nonexistent. Then figure out away to get them to participate in the contest and submit their writings. After all independent authors are who the magazine was designed for.
  5. Since the submissions from independent authors are low, broaden our scope to include, independent photographers, musicians and artist.
  6. Figure out why advertises are hard to come by and correct the issue.
  7. Come up with a new business plan and stick to it!

Once the staff and I sat down together we agreed that Joseph’s requirements could be meet. Then the question of time was brought up. When did the year end? Was it June since the sample issue was released in that month of 2019? Was the sample issue part of the 4? Which lead us to yet another question. Did we have 2 or 3 issues left.

I talked to Joseph to get a clarification on the 1 year/4 issues stipulation.

To our advantage Joseph didn’t count the Sample Issue so we had 3 issues left. To our disadvantage this was one of those which ever comes first deals. The Halloween Issue was released in October of 2019. That meant the year was up the 31st of October, 2020.

I explained that there was no way with a deadline of October we could accomplish the 7 stipulations above. Much less publish three more issues since some of his rules prohibited us from doing so till they were met.

I asked for more time.

Joseph’s suggestion was to get a business plan together that also covered the issues he outlined. Once he saw that we would talk about an extension. Till then the deadline stayed the same.

The pressure was on to get a game plan together that would convince Joseph we deserved more time and was entitled to it. The staff and I went to work and had a rough draft by the 3rd week of January. Another 10 days passed before we emerged from the War Room with the plan.

The day was Saturday January 25th when I laid the document on Joseph’s desk. All my team and myself could do was wait and see what Joseph had to say after reading it.

I normally enjoy a Saturday night eating out and seeing the sights of Nashville. That night I never left the house and retired to bed early. The whole time wondering if the report covered everything. I tossed and turned all night worrying about it. Sunday morning at 4 am I headed to the office to reread the plan.

I flipped the light switch on and noticed the report on my desk with a note on top of it. I made a dash to it. I was crying and smiling as I read the note and looked at the check clipped to the top of it.

Joseph gave us the funds to operate for two full years; January 2020 – December 2022. He also lifted the which ever comes first clause. There is no limit to the number of publications. The note also contained a surprise which I will get to in a minute.

With Joseph, no good news comes without a jab. The last line informed me now that healing was complete to get the 2020 projection blog posted.

Yes The Corral is alive and out of intensive care!

The Corral 2020 Goals and Projections.

  • The website and social media pages will go through their yearly make over. (This task has already begun. When done the website will also show we are reaching out to independent photographers, musicians and artist as well as authors.)
  • The Corral will begin using Press Releases to announce important happenings. Contest, submission needs, and other news.
  • The blog format will change to match all the blogs the subsidiaries of Joseph E Clay Dot Com owns.
  • The Corral is projected to publish 6 blogs in 2020.
  • The Corral is projected to publish 2 magazines this year. Each publication will be a full issue with all the features The Corral has to offer independents. The first release will be the fall issue released in September, the second a Halloween Issue in October.

The Seven Stipulations

Not Allowed to Publish: We have taken care of number 1 with bullet point 5 above.

Social Media: Our goal is to have at least 175 likes on Facebook and 100 followers on Twitter by August of this year. That’s the minimum, if we don’t reach that goal, we can’t publish in September. Please if you haven’t Liked or Followed The Corral do so.

Funding: We are working with PayPal to see about adding a donation button to the website. The donors first initial and last name will be listed in the next publication after their donation. This will help offset some of the publishing cost.

Here is the surprise I was talking about earlier. Joseph at one time had a retail outlet, JT’s Place in a local flea market. Due to health reasons he closed it last year.

He has agreed to revive JT’s Place as a eCommerce store. He will add it to his bookstore. He discusses this plan in the blog Say it Ain’t So – Projections for 2020. The Corral receives all profits from the merchandise sold from JT’s Place to help with operating cost.

Submissions/Advertisers: We believe that the lack of submissions and advertisers share the same problem. A matter of trust.

Advertisers: We have not been in business for a year yet. Companies don’t go on potential but circulation. They tend to stay away from handing out cash for advertising to start ups.

Counter: Offer free advertising for one issue. We will also began printing the magazine and distributing to select locations. These copies will be free to the public.

Our hope is a potential client will pick one up and decide to advertise.

Independent Authors: Same issue, it may look good under your writing credits to say you have been published in a magazine. However there may come a time when you have to prove it. The Independents need to know we are here for the long haul and the link they have to their works will always be active.

Counter: Independents who are featured in the magazine will also receive a printed copy.

Run 5 Visual Writing Prompt contests together with deadlines set for the last quarter of 2020 of each quarter in 2021. This allows us time to build trust and stack up on contest entries. Writing submissions will remain open and that is where our focus will be for this year.

Joseph has agreed to let the staff writers, if needed, fill the pages of the two publications this year and the first one of 2021 with their work. This allows us time to build up the submissions for the 2021 publications.

Sorry for the length but I did keep it under a 7 minute read coming in at 6.626. Look at that, already meet a goal. Yep, going to be a good year!

Till we meet again in the cyber world keep chasing your dream,


Blogger: Kay Douglass
The Corral Managing Editor

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