2019 Year End Report

2019 Year End Report

Issue 119 * Blog 32-2019 * Read Time: 4 Min * Section: A Word From Kay Douglass – Managing Editor

Hello, The Corral readers and followers. Let me introduce myself. I am Kay Douglass, Managing Editor of The Corral online magazine. Me and my staff are part of the ThunderHorse Publishing family.

We were brain storming in February of this year on new ways to help independent authors. That is when an online magazine was discussed. The magazine would be an outlet to showcase the writings of independent authors and writers.

We came up with a name for the magazine, The Corral. We then worked up a business plan from our concept. I presented the idea and plan to Joseph Clay in April.

Since the concept was the same as ThunderHorse Publishing’s Joseph made The Corral part of ThunderHorse Publishing Family.

With his approval to proceed we went to work. The next two months were a roller coaster ride for the staff and I. We had fun as we launched a Website, Facebook page and Twitter account. The excitement was building as we began designing and putting The Corral together.

The team also suffered disappointments. We shouted obscenities and shed more than a few tears along the way. At times the black cloud of stress and despair would out weigh the dream of the magazine.

During these times Joseph would step in. He reassured us that what we were experiencing was normal during a new start up. After each peep talk we would wipe our tears and pull ourselves up by the boot straps. We would clear our minds of the fog and refocus on the goal.

Providing an outlet for the Independent Artist!

I will admit as 2020 approaches it’s a turbulent time for the magazine. I take full responsibility for that. During this rough stretch my staff and I are working closely with Joseph. After all when it comes to new start ups he has a few under his belt.

We however are more optimistic about The Corral’s chances of survival than Joseph. We feel the online magazine is the little train that could. The staff believes The Corral will be all the rage in as few as two years.

The Heart and Soul of The Corral

The Independent writers listed below are the types of people who will make this magazine great. Their work graced the pages between the covers. I thank each of them for having the courage and dedication to their craft to allow us to showcase that work.

  • Wanda Davis (The Joy of Halloween)
  • Eddy Clyburn (The Forbidden Steps)
  • Virginia Coalson (A Ghostly Informant)
  • Leslie Neal, owner of Nealtography.

Nealtography was featured in our Photographer Spotlight. Leslie furnished us with some magnificent photographs that were a perfect fit for the Halloween Edition. From all of us here at The Corral we thank you Leslie and Nealtography.

My Staff

I have to thank my staff who have been with me since conception.

  • Nina Turnipseed who is our Assistant Editor.
  • Christy Warren – Journalist, Christy handles writing book reviews for the magazine.
  • Joey Edwards – Marketing
  • Joan Clay – Contest. Joan oversees all contest for The Corral.

Nina, Joey and Joseph filled the Sample Issue with their writings. The Halloween Issue had stories penned by Nina and Joan.

The Numbers

The Corral went live in June 2019. We published two issues, the first a sample. The second which we consider to be Issue 1 was the Halloween Edition.

The year end numbers below are for six months and two publications.

  • Impressions, (number of times the publication was displayed to a potential reader): 2,144
  • Total Number of Reads: 240
  • Shares: 15

For the individual stats visit The Pulse of the Corral – Report 1

What We Did Wrong

During the recent meetings the staff and I are holding with Joseph, he brought to our attention the below bullet points. These issues and others are the reason for the uneasiness surrounding the future of The Corral.

They are also part of the reason for his concerns that he blogged about in The Pulse of the Corral – Report 1 and The Pulse of the Corral – Report 2.

  • Didn’t Follow the Game Plan. We rushed to publish a first issue. The sample was the only issue scheduled for 2019. That issue was to give us a feel of how the hosting site operated and to collect data on potential readers.
  • Ignoring the Marketing Plan. The original plan was to have at least 100 followers on each social media site, Twitter and Facebook before releasing the first issue. Publishing before a solid social media presence was achieved hurt in more ways than one. The low number of followers hinder us in gathering submissions from writers and authors. Doing so also limited the amount of time one had to enter the Visual Prompt Writing Contest.
  • Issued an incomplete magazine. The Corral is more than a magazine that is filled with the writings of the independent author. They are many other features to showcase the talents of the independents. Not releasing a complete issue prevented writers and readers from seeing the full scope of features the magazine offers.

With the year coming to a close the meetings with Joseph continue. I project my team and Joseph will have the details ironed out before the end of year.

We will finalize another plan, that will be followed, for the online magazine. We will put that plan in place as soon as it is approved. The new plan will get The Corral back on track and chugging along.

That’s a Wrap

That’s the year end report for The Corral. I project I’ll be posting another blog around the 15 of January. I will be informing the reader and writer of the new business model for The Corral.

Till then enjoying reading the issues below,


Blogger: Kay Douglass
The Corral Managing Editor

The Issues

Issue: Sample

Issue: 1 Edition: Halloween 2019

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