The Pulse of The Corral – Report 2

The Pulse of The Corral – Report 2

Issue 117 * Blog 30-2019 * Read Time: 4 Min * Section: A Word From the Founder

Hello again everyone. You may want to read The Pulse of The Corral – Report 1. That blog covers the reason for this blog. Along with discussing the growing pains The Corral is experiencing during start up.

I wrote in that blog that in mid December I would inform the readers of the future of The Corral.

Will The Corral, an online magazine be published in 2020 or close up shop after two publications? Now that the numbers for the Halloween Edition of The Corral have been analyzed, we will answer that question.

Before I disclose the The Corral’s fate, let me say this.

The staff of The Corral are non-paid volunteers, who are passionate about writing and publishing. They are also dedicated to helping others reach their goal of seeing their work in print. Whether it be via a blog, magazine or book.

With that said it was only fair to discuss this as a team. After all the staff has poured their heart and soul in to the online magazine.

Now let’s go over the numbers that played a part in our decision.

Publication Numbers

The Corral Halloween Edition Verses the Sample Edition.

Halloween Edition: Since this was a Holiday Issue the numbers are from publication date, October 15, 2019 – November 5, 2019. The numbers after those 21 days are as follows.

  • Impressions, (number of times the publication was displayed to a potential reader): 750
  • Total Number of Reads: 110
  • Shares: 2

Sample Edition: Published June 24, 2019. The numbers below were taken on October 24, 2019. The numbers for those four months are below.

  • Impressions, (number of times the publication was displayed to a potential reader): 677.
  • Total Numbers of Reads: 106
  • Shares: 13

As you can see within 21 days The Halloween Edition surpassed the Sample Edition in impressions and total number of reads. Remember the Sample Edition numbers were taken after four months.

This is great news and proves The Corral has a readership base. With the right marketing that base will grow!

Social Media Numbers

I covered in The Pulse of The Corral – Report 1 the lack of followers on social media. That blog was published October 24, 2019. The numbers at that time were:

  • Facebook: 66
  • Twitter: 19

The staff of The Corral launched a small Facebook campaign to see how many followers we could gain. We didn’t focus on Twitter, this allowed us to see if paid direct marketing worked.

The Social Media numbers as of this blog post.

  • Facebook: 96
  • Twitter: 23

The Facebook campaign targeted magazine readers, writers and photographers. The growth in only a week answered our question about direct marketing.

This is another plus and reaffirms the interest in an online magazine dedicated to the independent artist.

Have you followed The Corral yet, if not please do so below.

Submission Numbers

This is the category that still blows me down. The Corral has received a total of 1 submission since November first. That encompasses the Visual Writing Prompt Contest and submission’s for publication consideration.

The staff has an idea why there is such a poor showing by the independent author community. They also believe they have a solution that will turn things around. The staff is preparing a report for me to review, as I write this blog.

The Cost

The cost to publish the magazine four times a year is near $1,500.00. That averages out to be $375.00 per issue.

We are hoping to offset the cost by advertising the services of Editors, Proofreaders and Publishers along with others that could help the Independent Author.

That task has been a slow go. The marketing department is devising a plan they believe will help in recruiting advertisers.

The Verdict

The Corral staff believes without hesitation and with conviction this magazine needs to be published. They refer to The Corral as their baby who will grow to become a worldwide publication.

I agree, and the numbers back that there is a need for this type of publication, but at what cost.

I’m a business man, I refuse for one company to consume the profits of another to survive. I fell it’s better to walk away in the early stages, than take a chance of sinking two companies.

Fearing doom they played their ace in the hole. They reminded me that in the last blog I stated:

“Make sure The Corral survives the growing pains for 12 months. That is a minimum of four issues, one a quarter.”

Joseph Clay – The Pulse of the Corral – Report 1

Along with being a business man, I’m a man of my word.

I agreed to continue with the publication, if certain changes were made. The staff and myself or ironing at the details. We will implement my changes along with their ideas to make The Corral a success.

This new business plan will be shared to the public in the blog, What Lies Ahead in 2020. That blog will be published no later than January 31, 2020.

All of us at The Corral wish you and yours a happy and safe New Year.

Till next time,

Blogger: Joseph Clay
Founder/CEO of JosephClayDotCom
Parent company of The Corral

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